Fruit and nuts

We have a large and varied assortment of nut mix, fruit mix, raisins, chocolate etc. in different practical packagings. We have organic as well as conventional products. Our products are packaged in fun and colourful packaging with various licenses.


If you like Moomin® or Rasmus Klump®, you have probably stumbled upon these snacks. We are proud to present a whole line of snacks within these iconic caracthers. The line consist of chips, dried fruits, cookies, corncakes etc. Fun snacks for everyone.


With many years of experience in bar production. you can enjoy our large range of quality bars. Are you into rich chocolate, salty licorice, juicy fruit, crunchy nuts or energizing protein bars. We got you covered with our large range of bars.


The Scandinavian passion for licorice has always been strong. Salty, sweet, red, caramel, chocolate-covered, everything goes. This is why our range of licorice products also is large. You can get them organic, conventional, with/without gluten, as pipes, as Christmas-calendars etc. You won’t be disappointed.


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